Koncep is a historical Taiwanese printing factory.
In 1932, its founder Mr. Gao Chang founded the "Gao Chang Bindery"
in Tainan City and started with hand-made paper crafting and bookbinding.
During the Second World War, the bindery was destroyed.
After the war, we reassembled the machines out of its remains and renamed the company to "Gao Chang Publisher."
In the 1960s, we established our first oversea office, "Gao Chang Printing Co., Ltd.," in Japan and undertook type composition business from major Japanese publishers.
Koncep has gained a new look.
In 1980, we introduced the first commercial rotary press in Taiwan and built a new factory at Yongkang District, Tainan.
Today, in the 21st century, we have taken hold of many latest printing technologies and this 80-year family business has gained a new look.
Koncep is located in Tainan,
the old city of Taiwan Prefecture
The best word to describe the life style of Tainan people is "sincerity". Wherever you are, to can feel their passionate yet simple smiles filled with sincerity.
We serve our customers, who may be at any town of Taiwan or at the other end of the ocean, with enthusiasm.